I knew there was a disturbance in the force…


I long felt that there was a great difference and feel between the first two Star Wars movies and all that came after (from Return of Jedi forward).

At first I thought that it was just greed that had taken over Lucas. I saw him become all that he had despised about the movie making process. I saw him think about how he could expand his revenue and not about the passion for the project. Ewoks will sell lots of toys to the kids right ? Too bad he felt the same about Jar Jar.

But if you look at the history behind the project you will see that there were key players such as my long time favorite Gary Kurtz that helped right the ship when it swayed.

Kurtz and Lucas

But one that has been lost to the history and background of one of the greatest movies of all time is Marcia Lucas. After reading some of her story (in this article http://www.shockandahh.com/#!The-Secret-History-of-Star-Wars-and-Marcia-Lucas/cjds/5547aad20cf23d0164709b30 ) I am more convinced that while George had a vision it was wild and often needed to be reigned in and his course directed.

The Trio

The Couple

I have learned that while we are grateful for the “Maker” and we often sing his praises, I have learned to appreciate all those around him that made the first two movies so special. Unfortunately you can clearly see the decline in the third move after the departure of Gary Kurtz and the increasingly strained relationship with then wife Marcia Lucas.

As an adult I can plainly see the decline in overall story telling and approach to the third installment of the Original Trilogy and the travesty that ended up being the Prequel Trilogy. Needless to say, Rick McCallum was no Kurtz and had his eye on a prize that was not a film related.

The Demise

In the dawn of a new era, I can only hope that in the heart of a true fan and a film maker loyal to the greatness that was the the Original Trilogy, we will see greatness return to what we hold most beloved from many childhood memories.


Help Us JJ, you’re our only hope ! You too KK !


May the Force be with you both !


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