Have we had enough with the super hero movies ?

Have we had enough with the super hero movies ?

For so many years we longed and pined for someone to make definitive non-cartoon movie renditions of our beloved comic book superheroes. And now… not a year passed that we don’t get one.

But tell me, is this a good thing? Do you want even more? Or, is it too much and now find it to be destroying the foundation of what made your beloved memories special?

There was a time, when Christopher Reeves Superman was all we had for many years. Same goes for Adam West and Keaton’s Batman. As flawed as they may have been, they filled a hole in our geeky hearts that to this day for many of us remains untouched.

The first attempt to “re-boot” Superman ended it utter disappointment. It took the studio years to even attempt it again. Should they have even bothered? I personally am glad they did as they went in the better direction and produced something that I feel was a fitting continuation of the saga.

But then we have Iron Man which started amazing (in my eyes) and slowly streamed into a mess, what should we think? Iron Man 3 was not even near my list of faves from this summer. How does that happen with a fanboy?

I am hoping that Thor does not follow this pattern. But is there any way it won’t? If we focus solely on Marvel we have 3 Iron Man, 2 Captain America, 2 Thor, 2 Avengers (at minimum) and now they are flowing into the obscure with Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. Can this even work? If these newer franchises (cause you know they will be) fail with the larger audience, will this mean the demise of the genre in the studio’s eyes?

The question is simple, Are we better off waiting for that diamond in the rough … or should we be happier with a basket of coal that may or may not mean more diamonds. Do you feel that the inundation of product is now tearing away at what you once knew and loved?

You tell me.


5 thoughts on “Have we had enough with the super hero movies ?

  1. I think it is great Marvel is making movies of their less popular characters, it shows they are willing to take risks. If the last several years have proved anything, movie audiences are willing to accept a world where a billionaire who tropes around the world in an iron suit or an alien lives in Kansas and can shoot lasers from his eyes, so surely they can handle a talking raccoon or a man who can shrink and talk to ants. All us fanboys have our favorite super hero, and if Marvel or DC just made movies of their popular characters, they wouldn’t tap into the full potential of their audience, and we would get tired of seeing the same heroes over and over on the big screen. Is the genre becoming inflated? Yes, but movies like The Avengers, X2, and Iron Man are all great films, regardless of being superhero movies.

    So the short answer: keep the superhero movies coming!

  2. I just think that the Marvel films are now on autopilot, so to speak. While it was exciting to see these characters we’ve loved our entire lives come to life on the big screen it will no longer be enough at some point. We will need better and more creative stories to keep us coming back to the theater, otherwise the characters will get really old, really fast. Iron Man is a great example. IM1 is a fine film, but IM2 and 3 just rely upon the momentum of IM1 and the Avengers respectively. There is no character development either with Stark nor with his adversaries. If all Marvel Studios keep giving us is hour and a half of boring filler to go with a half hour of hero time I’d think the fanboys would get really board really quick. As a fan I want to see more depth in the characters and more depth explored in the Marvel universe itself.

    That said I’m VERY excited for Thor, so with that will come great disappointment should it be a dud along the lines of IM2 (and I ain’t talking box office receipts). And what if Cap comes up short next Spring?? I know these will all make plenty of money but as a life long Marvel Fanboy I want more than live action super heroes, I want live action Marvel Universe at it’s best!

  3. I will now say… I am extremely happy that Super Hero movies are in the spotlight of the box office.

    Good, bad or ugly, they are out there. They are in the eye. These are our heroes that we grew up with on the big screen the same way we always imagined it to be. Big, bold and amazing to behold.

    I think Marvel dropped the boat on IM2 and IM3. I think they went with hype over substance. I feel they took what Jon F. created and just milked it without feeding it. I personally feel this is why he did not return for IM3. He felt what they were doing in pushing it so soon. They did not allow character development the way it should have been. While there were hints of brilliance hidden in there, it was overshadowed by hype and hoopla.

    I as well have high hopes for Thor. I feel that Kenneth B. did an amazing job and gave it the regal feel it should have while mixing modern earth in as well. I feel that he will be more hands on as a producer although he will not direct.

    I respect what Marvel is trying to do by creating an interactive environment that is all interconnected. DC knows this works as well hence their current approach.

    It saddens me that licensing will hinder some of what we are allowed to see by quality studios as Marvel has become, but it is the price we pay as viewers. I will say that I get hyped for every single release that comes. If I am disappointed, it does not matter cause it is still a sign of studios recognizing what a wealth of history they have to pull from. And to me, in an age where I feel Hollywood has become stale (that is a discussion for another time) with innovative ideas for movies and talent is few and far between (that is also a discussion for another time), I am grateful for any comic book related movie that they give us.

    Keep em coming and I will keep watching. Just be smart enough to push for quality over quantity and you will succeed. (cough cough Green Lantern cough cough).

  4. You know, even though it’s not the Vance Astro version of GOTG that I read years ago I’m still pretty stoked about the film. It’ll be pretty damn cool to delve into the more obscure characters…. I’d love to see a Defenders movie, if Silver Surfer was under the Marvel studios banner, that is.

  5. I too would love a Defenders movie.

    It is sad that we don’t have Surfer or FF but their day will come. We just got back Punisher and Daredevil. I hope they figure out a way to make those the glorious lines they once were.

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